FAQ - MEMBERSHIPS AND BILLING Frequently asked questions

What memberships do you offer?

We currently offer 5 main memberships (1 Month, 3 Months, 6 Months, 1 Year) plus a 2 Day Trial membership and lifetime membership.

1 Month and 3 Months memberships are recurring billings, renewing automatically after its expiration date if the member has not cancelled the subscription. Once a subscription has been cancelled by the member, he can enjoy his membership until it expires.

1 Month membership

This membership gets renewed every 30 days and can be cancelled anytime.

3 Months membership

This membership renews every 90 days and can be cancelled anytime.

6 Months membership

This membership does NOT get renewed and will expire automatically after 180 days.

1 Year membership

This membership does NOT get renewed and will expire automatically after 365 days.

2 Day membership (Trial membership)

This membership gets upgraded after a 2 day period to a full 1 Month membership (if not previously cancelled) and is limited to a selection of 15 scenes from the hole network. The trial subscription can be cancelled anytime before its expiration date.

Lifetime membership (Site Lifetime Access)

With a lifetime membership, the member can get full access to all the network with one single payment. This membership does never expire and member can use the site without limits.

What are Tokens?

In case you don't like any of the subscription plans, you have the option to purchase token packages with predefined credits. You can then select and unlock individual scenes by using credits (tokens) from your ordered package.

The current token packages that are available are:

  • 15 Tokens
  • 30 Tokens
  • 60 Tokens
  • 120 Tokens

You can unlock one scene for 4 Tokens, or 5 Tokens if you'd like to include the scene's picture gallery.

Once a token package has been purchased, the access to the site will be granted forever, so you can watch unlocked scenes anytime you desire. The token amount can be upgraded anytime, and once the first package has been purchased, all continuing orders have a discount of 50%.

Can I have a full membership if I have a token membership?

Yes, you can have both at the same time. If you have a full membership as well as token credit, you can enjoy all scenes without limits, and whenever your full membership expires, you still have your token credit to purchase scenes individually.

How can I cancel my subscription?

The fastest way to cancel is to contact your payment processor directly. You can do it by yourself, by visiting their support sites and entering your membership data.

Here’s the support sites and contact information for our billers:


Support site: SegpayEU.com

Email: [email protected]

Call: +1-954-414-1610 (International Consumers) / 1-866-450-4000 (US Consumers) or leave a message in their contact page.


Support site: https://www.epoch.com/find_purchase

Email: [email protected]

Call: +1 800 893 8871 / +1 310 664 5810 or leave a message in their contact page.


Support site: https://support.ccbill.com/

Email: [email protected]

Call: +1 888 596 9279

You can also contact us at [email protected] or leave a message at our support page and we'll do the cancellation process for you. We will send you a confirmation email afterwards.

Is the payment process secure?

Our sites as well as our payment processors work with a certified SSL connection, which makes transaction secure. On your bank statement, the name of the site will NOT appear, making the purchase discreet.

What payment methods do you offer?

Currently we provide this payment options:

Credit Card

You can currently make payments by the mayority of credit card issuers (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Diner's Card, Discover, JCB)


Join directly with your Paypal account data through our billing processor Epoch. Please keep in mind that not all countries are available for this payment method.

Other Payment methods

In case you don't have a credit card or Paypal account, you can still join with other options like: PaysafeCard, GiroPay, Ideal, Sofortbanking For this, you'll have to select the last option in the payment method step.

As a member, can I download content and do I have unlimited downloads?

You can download all scenes in various formats, from Full HD to quality suitable for mobile devices. Image galleries can be downloaded as zip files.

There is no limit in the amount of scenes or high resolution pictures you can download once you become a member. Keep in mind however that downloading is for personal use only.

Which resolution do videos have and picture galleries?

Full HD videos have resolution of 1920x1080 with a bitrate of 10.000 kbit. Images have a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels.

How often do you update?

Currently we provide 2 exclusive updates per week.

Is your content exclusive?

99% of the featured content is exclusive, own produced content. The bonus feeds are from a third party provider which offers licensed content as bonus updates.

What includes my membership?

With a regular membership you have unlimited access to all the network site's content. Full movie content can be accesed via streaming and can be downloaded in different file formats.

Also you have access to bonus feeds offered by a third party provider. In our special section, you get interesting discounts for other partner sites. For livecams, you get free 15 credits to use.

Once I cancelled my membership, can I still access the site?

You can still access the site until the membership expires. Either with a full membership or a token membership you can access the site forever and watch unlocked scenes or buy new ones.

Is my account deleted after my membership expiration?

No, your login stays active and you have the chance to purchase another full membership or unlock individual scenes with tokens. This way you can still enjoy of your stored favorites.